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Buy drugs by bookmark Brijuni Island - купить: гашиш, шишки, героин, кокаин, амфетамин, скорость кристаллы, мдма, мефедрон. Recalls that all the Member States are signatories to the ATT; calls for universalisation of the ATT and for more focus to be placed on those countries that are not signatories; also commends the outreach efforts regarding the ATT and supports its effective implementation; Stresses that non-discrimination policies alone do not solve the issues minorities are faced with and do not prevent their assimilation; notes that persons belonging to minorities are in a special category with regard to the right to remedy and have specific needs that must be met if they are to be ensured full and effective equality, and that it is necessary to respect and promote their rights, including the right to freely express, preserve and develop their cultural or linguistic identity, in keeping with the identity, values and principles of the country in which they live; encourages the Commission to promote regular monitoring of linguistic and cultural diversity in the EU;

Notes that some Member States have stopped providing arms to Saudi Arabia and other members of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen because of their actions, while others have continued supplying military technology; congratulates those Member States, such as Germany and the Netherlands, which have changed their practice as regards the Yemen conflict; deeply regrets, however, the fact that other Member States seem not to take into account the behaviour of the country of destination and the end-use of exported arms and ammunition; underlines that this disparity of practice risks undermining the entire European arms control regime; Regrets the fact that the Commission has not yet presented a proposal for a comprehensive EU mechanism on democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights, and calls on the Commission to do so, in particular by proposing the adoption of the interinstitutional agreement on the EU Pact for DRF in its forthcoming non-legislative initiative to strengthen the enforcement of the rule of law in the European Union; 2. Commercial 5G They explained that then, the only remaining question regards Starlink's satellite dish and which one Croatia's users will buy. Takes the view that product related actions in relation to small arms and light weapons where they are developed mainly for export purposes should be excluded from Union funding in the context of the upcoming regulation establishing the European Defence Fund EDF COM ; Considers that common European minimum standards to protect the rights of persons belonging to minorities should be developed in the EU, following the procedural principles of good neighbourliness and friendly relations and ensuring cooperation both between Member States and with neighbouring non-EU countries, on the basis of the implementation of international standards and norms; considers that the adoption of common European minimum standards should not diminish the already existing rights and standards protecting persons belonging to minorities; recalls the need to implement the commitments adopted and principles developed in the framework of the OSCE, particularly in its thematic recommendations and guidelines; recalls that the Commission has already taken those standards into account in the context of the Copenhagen criteria during the accession negotiations; calls on the Commission, in this regard, to apply the same standards to all EU Member States; Highlights that bridging the digital divide implies deployment of and access to infrastructure, especially in rural and remote areas, that is adequate in terms of high-quality coverage and is affordable, reliable and secure; notes that the main causes hampering connectivity include poverty and lack of essential services, together with underdeveloped terrestrial networks, lack of enabling public policies and regulatory frameworks, high taxation of digital products and services, low market competition and absence of an energy grid;

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Notes that the evaluation of DCFTA implementation is very much focused on trade flows and trade irritants; calls on the Commission to monitor and assess the implementation of the DCFTA appropriately, with special attention being paid to the transposition and implementation of the acquis and to the impact on Georgian society, and to provide public and comprehensive annual reporting, including on the technical and financial support provided by the EU; Encourages the Commission and the Member States to promote the use of regional or minority languages at local and regional level; with this aim in mind, actively encourages municipal authorities to ensure the use of the languages concerned in practice; Reiterates the huge potential of digital technology and services in the achievement of the SDGs provided that action is taken to address the disruptive effects of technologies, such as automation of jobs impacting on employability, digital exclusion and inequality, cybersecurity, data privacy and regulatory issues; recalls that any digital strategy must be fully in line with and contribute to the realisation of the Agenda for Sustainable Development, notably with reference to SDG 4 on quality education, SDG 5 on achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls, SDG 8 on decent work and economic growth, and SDG 9 on industry, innovation and infrastructure; recalls that if the SDGs are to be achieved by , a strengthened global, national, regional and local partnership is needed between governmental, scientific, economic and civil society actors; 3. In the peak of the summer season, Aegean Airlines announces 22 weeks of flights to and from Croatia! Considers regulatory approximation with the EU acquis to be the key dimension of the DCFTA because actual access to the EU market and reform very much depend on the appropriate implementation and enforcement of relevant legislation; is aware of the significant challenge this represents for governance, institutions and public administration in Moldova and encourages the Commission to provide adequate technical and financial support; Energy and other areas of cooperation Recalls that protection of minority rights is a part of the proposal for the conclusion of a Union Pact for Democracy, the Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights DRF Pact ; recalls, in this regard, the request made in its resolution of 25 October on an EU mechanism on democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights, and reiterates its call on the Commission to submit a proposal for the conclusion of a DRF Pact; calls on the Commission to mainstream minority rights into all possible subparts of the EU mechanism on democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights;

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The meeting lasted an hour and 20 minutes, and the two discussed a number of topics and open issues that directly and indirectly concern Hajduk and HNS. Calls for a more concerted and holistic cross-sectoral effort from the international community, including non-state actors such as representatives of civil society, the third sector, private companies and academia, to ensure that the shift towards a more digital economy leaves no one behind and contributes to the achievement of the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development, guaranteeing access to digital technologies and services to all economic actors and citizens and avoiding an excess of different approaches that would create incompatibilities, overlaps or gaps in legislation; calls for the improvement of political articulation between the EU, the Member States and other relevant actors, with a view to enhancing coordination, complementarity and the creation of synergies; Notes with satisfaction that some new products have begun to be exported to the EU, although Georgia still predominantly exports agricultural commodities and raw materials; encourages the Commission to support Georgia in identifying the areas that could further foster economic diversification and in prioritising them in the process of DCFTA implementation; recommends that Georgia consider a diversification strategy for products exported to EU markets; Language rights. Underlines that states have the legitimate right to acquire military technology for the purposes of self-defence; notes that maintaining a defence industry serves as part of the self-defence of the Member States; 2.

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This exhibition will bring a touch of Christmas atmosphere using animated motifs of this year's Advent in Zagreb, and will be set in 20 locations in the city in parks, squares, and large open spaces," said Martina Bienenfeld, Zagreb Tourist Board Director. Deplores the persistent digital divides existing within each country relating to gender, geography, age, income, ethnicity, and health condition or disability, among other factors of discrimination; insists, therefore, that international development cooperation should work towards greater advancement and inclusion of persons who are disadvantaged or in vulnerable situations, while promoting the responsible use of digital tools and an adequate awareness of possible risks; calls for support for innovation that is adapted to local needs and the transition to knowledge-based economies; Stresses the need for a more integrated — i. November 25, - Following the recommendations and decisions of the authorities, Zagreb Advent , under the slogan "Advent in Zagreb, feel the light" will be held in a slightly different capacity, from November 28, when the first Advent candle will be lit, until January 1, For the latest travel info, bookmark our main travel info article, which is updated daily. Calls on the Cuban Government to stop imposing online censorship and stop blocking internet sites for the sole purpose of limiting political criticism and restricting access to information; Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission and the governments and parliaments of the Member States. Regrets the fact that the Commission has not yet presented a proposal for a comprehensive EU mechanism on democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights, and calls on the Commission to do so, in particular by proposing the adoption of the interinstitutional agreement on the EU Pact for DRF in its forthcoming non-legislative initiative to strengthen the enforcement of the rule of law in the European Union; 2.

Сейшельские Острова Ешка, круглые, диски купить Закладки кокаина Анаклия Buy drugs by bookmark Brijuni Island
22-12-2002 3105 2490
29-4-2013 1062 5136
17-1-2010 2304 9672
24-9-2019 8412 2030
15-10-2003 5863 5872
16-8-2007 3938 1691

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Notes positively the progress in the area of public procurement with planned alignment of legislation by ; stresses the importance of an impartial and independent review body; urges the Government of Georgia to improve the transparency of the public procurement system, in particular by reducing exemptions from open bidding in procurement law in order to reduce the overall volume of non-competitive contracting; Calls for effective compliance with trade and sustainable development clauses and international commitments, and specifically the proper implementation of ILO core conventions. Reiterates its call on the Vietnamese authorities to end all restrictions and acts of harassment against human rights defenders and to guarantee in all circumstances that they are able to carry out their legitimate human rights activities without fear of reprisal and free from all restrictions including judicial harassment; calls on the Government of Vietnam to remove all restrictions on freedom of religion and to put an end to the harassment of religious communities; 4. Welcomes the enhanced ministerial-level dialogue with Moldova and other associated partners on association-related reforms in the area of trade and supports, subject to progress on democratic standards, the launch of such dialogues in other areas covered by the AA, including political issues, justice, freedom and security, and sectoral cooperation; Regrets that the proposed Equal Treatment Directive from COM is still pending for approval by the Council; reiterates its call on the Council to adopt its position on the proposal as soon as possible; National and ethnic minorities

Institutional framework in place to implement the Association Agreement. Alan A. Welcomes the adoption of a new National Gender Equality Strategy in , and calls on the authorities to ensure its full implementation; Another novelty is the Zagreb Nativity Scene, more precisely the online exhibition of photographs of Christmas nativity scenes taken from to , and there is also an interactive augmented reality exhibition Virtual Christmas Windows. Stresses the urgent need to enhance the role of EU Delegations in assisting Member States and the European External Action Service EEAS with their export licensing risk assessments and the implementation of end-user controls, post-shipment controls and on-site inspections; 5. Encourages the Commission and the Member States to guarantee equal opportunities for national and ethnic minorities to participate in political and social life; encourages Member States to adopt electoral systems and laws facilitating the representation of national and ethnic minorities; calls on the Member States to take immediate corrective measures to stop discriminatory birth registration, to carry out birth registration of members of minority groups without discrimination, and to ensure that the ID cards issued are non-discriminatory; Calls on the Vietnamese authorities to immediately and unconditionally release all human rights defenders and prisoners of conscience detained or sentenced for merely exercising their right to freedom of expression, including Hoang Duc Binh, Nguyen Nam Phong, Nguyen Trung Truc and Le Dinh Luong, and to drop all charges against them; 3.

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